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Flavour Enhancer - Technical Details
Form Powder
Fragrance Ajitide
Grade Standard 99%
PH 7.8
Purity 99%
Shelf Life 3 Year
Type Veg

Key Features:-

  • Looking for the perfect umami condiment? Ajinomoto Chinese MSG, onion powder, chili flakes, and oregano? look no further! Tag Ingredients has got you covered. At Tag Ingredients, we work with an aim to enhance your dining journey and experience and hence, we bring you the premier range of exotic herbs and spices to enhance your cooking experience.
  • Ajinomoto is salt-cured Tag Ingredients, we only produce the best. Our Aji-no-moto is sourced exclusively from responsible farmers and producers of MSG. With the use of best industry practices, we produce the best Aji-no-moto sugar to add that extra touch of spicy zest to your dishes.
  • Having a ready stock of Tag Ingredients Ajinomoto in the pantry is an absolute must! Cause? Seasonings like Ajinomoto MSG can instantly make your food tastier and better, in a sweet or smoky variety. Add just a few pinches of our Aji-no-moto Chinese salt to your dishes to make your taste buds go 'Wow!'
  • Tag Ingredients Ajinomoto has manifold uses - Use our Ajinomoto Chinese Salt Seasoning Powder MSG to season a variety of soups, noodles, momos, Manchurian, rice and fries, etc. Not just Italian, our Ajinomoto Chinese Seasoning can be used to flavor and season a variety of Continental and Indian dishes too! Adding just a few pinches of Ajinomoto gives the dish a lovely bright red color, making it instantly more appealing to the eye.
  • Storage is not an issue with our products at Tag Ingredients. We provide you with our Ajinomoto Chinese MSG, Paprika, Oregano, Chilli Flakes, and other herbs and spices in an easy-to-use sprinkler bottle that not only enables easy and convenient use but also helps keep the product dry and safe helps, thus preventing rancidity. Just open the lid and watch the magic sprinkle onto your plate. Try our Aji-no-moto MSG Sugar Salt for Seasoning today! or better yet,



AJITIDE® is a line composed of nucleotides that impart umami flavor and enhance the flavor of food. These compounds are also umami substances, such as AJINOMOTO®, and synergize strongly with glutamate, resulting in an even tastier food.

AJITIDE® I+G is a flavor enhancer composed of the nucleosides inosinate and guanylate disodium, which impart an umami taste and enhance the palatability of food. In addition, it has strong synergy with AJINOMOTO® and when used together, enhances the umami flavor and taste of food.

AJITIDE® I+G is a product of easy use, as it is highly soluble in water, has low hygroscopicity, provides excellent stability at high temperatures and in the presence of light, and does not degrade.

Application: Can be applied in meat products, broth, soup, pasta, sauce, prepared food, snacks, and seasonings.

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