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Flavour Enhancer - Technical Details
Form Powder
Fragrance GR Tide
Grade Standard 99%
Purity 99%
Shelf Life 3 Years
Type Veg

Key Features:-

  • Flavor enhancers are used in a wide range of foods to bring out the flavor without adding a flavor of their own.
  • The flavor enhancer is essentially low in salt but with a savory flavor. This allows you to enhance the flavor as well as reduce salt levels in recipes.
  • Flavor enhancers can also be mixed with other dry seasonings, such as salt, vinegar powder, or onion powder, to make a coating for crisps, donuts, and biscuits.
  • Use it in baking, batters, soups, or as a simple sprinkle over popcorn.


We are one of the largest natural flavor enhancer suppliers in India. Furthermore, we assist our clients with ingredients such as Monosodium Glutamate, I Plus G, HVP, and so on. Many of our products have special features that help us to enhance and transform the taste of your food.

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