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Flavour Enhancer - Technical Details
Brand Ribotide
Fragrance Ribotide
Grade Standard 99%
Purity 99%
Shelf Life 3 Years
Type Veg


Umami flavor is a key element in all Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines, and is being used in a wide range of products from processed foods to restaurant dishes. Our product RIBOTIDE® has played a long and important role in the development of the Japanese food industry and is a core product of our parent company. Going forward, we will continue to promote healthy eating habits through a steady supply of essential umami seasonings for the food industry.

Product specification

I+G flavor enhancers in India are commonly used in combination with monosodium glutamate (MSG), yeast extract, and/or HVP. In yeast extracts and HVP, their glutamate combines with the salt in the food to form MSG. Glutamate also combines with I+G to produce a more savory taste.


I+G flavor enhancer India for various food categories like Snacks, Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Canned Seafood, Instant Noodles and etc. It is a blend of premium quality raw materials.

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